Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler Talk Trash in Shower (watch!) 1Sandra Bullock unloads on talk show host Chelsea Handler in a little girlie one-on-one in the shower. The hilarious clip was used as the cold open for Bullock’s guest appearance on Handler’s show. Did we say hilarious?

To say Bullock is “dressing down” Handler would be an understatement. They are both naked.

The scene opens with Handler casually strolling into the “Chelsea Lately staff showers” at her studio. She’s in the buff, but her private parts are fully covered by digital blurring… barely.

She’s just getting ready to soap up when Bullock strolls into the picture also completely unclothed. It’s a shower scene right?

It seems Bullock has a problem with Handler calling herself the “white” Oprah. The talk show host heatedly denies it; she claims she was “misquoted.” Bullock turns off her shower and ramps up the putdown.

“What you need to worry about is pulling your sh*t together with this fancy new stage that you have, which I think is a sham,” says the Academy Award winner.

“Why is it a sham?” Chelsea quizzes.

“First of all, stop calling yourself the white Oprah,” Bullock scolds.

Chelsea protests,”I was misquoted in Serbian Vogue.”

But the actress doesn’t want to hear it. “Zip it and shut your face down!” she snaps. Shut it! Zip it! Close it! Shut it down! Stop!”

It gets better from there; check out the clip below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more celebrity updates.