Conan O’Brien aired a hilarious clip spoofing Brad Pitt’s new fragrance commercial for Chanel No. 5. Despite being submerged in the bowels cable television O’Brien’s wit is as sharp as ever. Gotta love Brad’s nipple tweaks!

Pitt, 48, who was paid $7 million for the gig, made history for the brand. He’s the first man to ever endorse the iconic perfume in the brand’s 91-year history.

He follows illustrious actresses such as Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet. Without obvious feminine wiles to create the mood, Brad uses his sexy bedroom voice to cite a brief steam-of-consciousness monologue.

Brad, of course, looks extremely sexy wearing a shirt open at the collar, his greasy hair swept back and down to his shoulders and his scruff of a goatee.

But somehow, on Conan, he looked slightly different. The hilarious clip grafts Brad’s head on a slightly different body, paunch around the middle and laden with man boobs. The words are the same, but somehow the meaning has changed.

“Everybody is talking about this Brad Pitt ad for Chanel No. 5,” Conan deadpanned. Yeah, I watched it again today and it’s even stranger than I remember it from the first time.”

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