Scarlett Johansson Lends Voice to Sundance Film 'Chasing Ice' (listen) 1Scarlett Johansson is the voice behind the song and new video for “Chasing Ice” the documentary about melting glaciers in Greenland and Iceland. It screened at the Sundance Film Festival, won an award and will be in limited release in November.

Johansson’s role in the film has largely gone unheralded. She sings “Before My Time” in a wistful, haunting voice reminiscent of Lana Del Rey.

The video, just over three-and-a-half minutes long, captures breathtaking scenes of eroding glaciers. Their demise has been attributed to global warming, and the documentary is meant to sound the alarm over catastrophic environmental change taking place right now.

Johansson’s song covers the movie’s opening credits.

Nature photographer James Balog created the scenes in the film through the use of dozens of cameras in Greenland, Iceland and Alaska and even Montana. They automatically charted ice formations and captured the dramatic change global warming is causing on the ice packs.

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The cameras record three and in some cases four years of activity a show a “shocking glacial retreat,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The images are interwoven with commentary from researchers who provide context for the images and explain how something more is at work than normal atmospheric cycles.

The song was written by Josh Ralph, 37, who goes by J. Ralph. He’s a self-taught New York City composer, singer, songwriter and producer who can’t read music. He’s scored mostly documentaries including the 2012 Oscar nominated film “Hell and Back Again” and two best documentary winners, 2009’s “The Cove” and 2008’s “Man on Wire.”

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Johansson is far better known for her acting but she has sung with artists such as Pete Yorn and Steel Train. She’s also sung on soundtracks for movies such as “He’s Just Not That Into You” and the documentary “Wretches & Jabberers.” She’s also released an album of Tom Waits covers.

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