President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney were back at it in another debate over the weekend, or at least it seemed so in the cold open for Saturday Night Live. The hilarious spoof included a surprise appearance by Tom Hanks.

Fred Armisen kicked off the debate as 38-year-old college student, Jeremy Blaustein, who wants to know how he’s ever going to get a job.

“My parents tell me, ‘Jeremy, you lousy so and so, you’re never going to amount to nothin,’ why did you have to be born.’ I don’t have a good answer. So my question is can one of you promise to give me a job, so my parents get off my back?”

Moderator Candy Crowley had to deal with a niggling Romney, trying to sneak in more comments than he was allowed. Both candidates challenged each other to fight.

The final question of the night went to Kerry Lapkis, a gray-haired, mustachioed Hanks, who was busy trying to let the folks back home known he was on the air. Hanks fumbled around with his glasses and the written question but assured the audience he had “really a pretty good question.”

“I just say by way of a warning, you better buckle your seat belts,” he added. “Because this question is about to blow your mind.”

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