Courtney Love has an uncanny ability to push herself to the edge and make it back alive time after time. It’s reflected in her chaotic life and her fashion sense, which ranges from hot mess to rocker chic.

Love, 48, enlists the help of model Chloe Norgaard, a native New Yorker by way of Los Angeles, to wear Love’s niche clothing line, Never the Bride.

Norgaard stunned fashionistas with her rainbow-colored hair for Nicole Miller at New York Fashion Week. Together, they pose for photographer Magnus Magnusson for Contributor magazine’s latest issue.

Courtney Love Baby Doll Decadence

Love calls her line repurposed “Edwardian, Victorian” with an edge. Brittany Berger handles styling while Lisa Caccavale fusses over hair and makeup.

Like her fashion, Love also pushes the limit on her music, art, relationships and life. “The thing about being an artist is that you have to keep going no matter what,” she tells the magazine.

“I think I ignored pursuing art for so long because I wanted the glamour of being a rock star. Also because that’s always what my mother wanted me to do, so I naturally fought it as a child.”

She’s always at the vanguard of the battle between the sexes, but can see herself as a man. “I have always felt if I were a man, I’d be Sean Penn,” she says. “He and Gwyneth [Paltrow] are probably my two biggest inspirations when it comes to acting.

“They are both so uncompromising and consistently amazing in their work.”

The Hole frontwoman and widow of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain has never bothered to be a role model in the conventional sense. She admitted in a now infamous Vanity Fair interview of shooting heroin while pregnant with daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Love has a habit of going to war with everyone and being nasty and outspoken about it.

“When Twitter first got started, I said something on Twitter and got in trouble for it,” she says.

“And then I kept doing it. I think we can all agree I am not made for social media. I even get jittery when I go on the Internet, and I never Google myself. Talk about driving yourself crazy.”

Ironically, Twitter is at the heart of her latest controversy. She’s being sued by former lawyer Rhonda Holmes for defamation, because of things she wrote on the social media site.

Check out her photos above, and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more celebrity updates.

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