Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is selling the New York house that late-wife Mary Richardson Kennedy devoted much of her life to meticulously restoring. She was found hanged in a barn on the 10-acre property in an apparent suicide in May. Will her death affect the sale?

The house, located in Mount Kisco, New York, about 40 miles north of New York City, is on the market for $4 million, according to Ginnel Real Estate has the listing.

Kennedy appears ready to lose money on the property. He likely has that much in the property and it appears underpriced, given the area and proximity to New York City.

Mary Kennedy Dream House Up for Sale
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Mary Kennedy, 56, spent a fortune renovating the house and grounds. The house is a model of energy efficiency and has been impeccably decorated in a casual House & Garden style. Mary loved the house and Robert’s effort to force her out was one of the sticking points in the divorce.

Bobby Jr., who works as an environmental lawyer, is reportedly struggling to pay off the bills Mary ran up to renovate the house. “Bobby’s told his friends that the perception that the Kennedys are rich is a complete fallacy. He has his children to look after and the house needs to go,” a source told London’s Daily Mail.

The couple was still technically married when Mary died, even though they had separated in 2010. Bobby Jr., 58, has been living in Los Angeles where he is dating actress Cheryl Hines, 48.

Kennedy Jr. is reportedly planning to settle in Los Angeles once the house is sold. “I’ve heard that Bobby wants to make a fresh start – and I don’t really blame him,” the source said. “He’s in love with Cheryl, they’re very happy together.”

The house, situated on 10-acres, has seven bedrooms, sauna, expensive Italian carrera marble floors, a designer kitchen and an expansive swimming pool.

Uniquely, the 10,000-square-foot property has geo-thermal heating and cooling, energy efficient appliances and efficient fibre-optic lighting, according to the real estate Website.

Oh… and one ghost.