Liberty Ross Shows Grace After Kristen Stewart Scandal (video) 1Liberty Ross, the wife of Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal lover, Rupert Sanders, showed amazing grace in one of her few comments on her state of mind following the affair.

Ross, a UK model who has two children with Sanders, has kept a fairly low profile since the scandal broke in July. She immediately separated from Sanders, but the two have since been spotted going to a marriage counselor.

For his part, Sanders apologized profusely for his indiscretion. In the weeks since then, Ross has gone back to work and appeared at New York Fashion Week, where she walked the runway for Alexander Wang.

As part of her work for the designer, Ross made a video talking about herself. It’s hard to see how it exactly ties into fashion, but it gave her a platform to talk about herself in comments that appeared to address where her head is following the scandal.

“I have a really good balance. I’m very happy with my life, and I’m lucky.,” she says. “I have good people. I have two amazing children. I believe that we’re all on journeys, and we are all given lessons at certain times in our life.

And sometimes when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it, and just move forward as graciously as possible.”

She acknowledges that this year is the end of some things and “the beginnings of something else.”

Since the scandal broke, Stewart and boyfriend of four years Robert Pattinson have at least gone through the motions of a reconciliation as they gear up to promote Breaking Dawn, Part 2, the last of the “Twilight” movies.

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