Kristen Stewart Thrown by Breaking Dawn Japan Interview (watch!) 1Kristen Stewart looked like a stranger in a strange land during one of her first “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” interviews on a Japanese television show. Never comfortable in the spotlight, the “Twilight” star looked off her game even more.

Stewart, 22, flew to Japan to begin her promotional duties while boyfriend Robert Pattinson was having a little easier time in Australia.

She seemed determined to counter her image as someone who is aloof and distracted on the red carpet. Things went well until the show.

The name of the show “Sukkiri” has no precise English translation. It roughly means, fresh or clean, but in the context of a television show the best definition is probably “current.”

But that was only the beginning of the confusion. Stewart was flanked by hosts of the show. She was seated between the emcee and two other people on the set. An interpreter hovered behind her whispering the English translation in her ear. The translator apparently wasn’t the best.

The normally uptight actress seemed even more fidgety as the interview progressed. She fiddled with her hair, constantly ended up staring at the floor and gave short clipped answers, as if she didn’t fully understand the questions.

The interviewers not only asked about “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” but also asked about previous movies such as her child-starring role in “The Panic Room” an previous “Twilight film “New Moon.” Kristen looks almost comical in her effort to communicate with her Japanese hosts.

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