If Brad Pitt wa a dog what kind would he be? A Border Collie? German Shepherd? If that dog was doing a Chanel No. 5 commercial how ridiculous would it be? Actually it would be pretty funny, according to a new video spoof.

Ever since Chanel released its new commercial for the perfume featuring Pitt, 48, it has spawned a number of hilarious parodies.

The latest features a dog in Brad’s role, looking adorable as it faces the camera in a white shirt, while a voiceover recites a monologue that’s just as preposterous, and far funnier. The clip was made by a group called The Pet Collective.

Conan O’Brien feature a parody clip on his show last week that grafted Brad’s head on a paunchy body with man boobs. The words are the same, but somehow the meaning has changed, as the actor repeatedly tweaks his nipples.

“Saturday Night Live,” followed up with Brad Pitt look-alike Taran Killam who was featured in four different spots promoting dog condoms, a tattoo removal doctor and Brad questioning the dialogue.

All were filmed in the same stark, black-and-white, cinema verite style.

In the latest video going viral on YouTube, the canine fronts for Kennel No. 5 perfume, staring into the camera motionless while a voice similar to Pitt’s recites an even stranger free-verse poem.

“It’s not a walk; every walk ends, but we go on.
The stick flies and we chase after it; training disappears
Instincts take over, but wherever I fetch, there you are.
My wag, my treat, my belly-rub…”

Apparently it’s all about “the timeless scent for the classically adorable dog.”

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