Robert Pattinson Confesses: He Crashed Katy Perry Party (video) 1

Robert Pattinson was left standing on the curb after the premiere of Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’ movie.

Robert Pattinson generated headlines and not a few laughs after the premiere in June of Katy Perry’s movie. You may recall that the door to a limousine bus filled with celebrities was slammed in his face as if he was a nobody. Now he reveals why.

Rob was asked about the incident by a reporter for MTV Australia during his latest press tour to promote “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.”

It seemed more than a little odd that celebrity handlers overseeing the bus, which included Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez inside, would overlook such a well-known star. But as Rob approached the doors snapped shut.

That was likely because they weren’t expecting the “Twilight” hearthrob. During the MTV interview, Rob revealed that he actually ditched the two-hour premiere of Perry’s movie “Part Of Me.”

The autobiographical film charting her rise to fame was shown at the Chateau Marmont, a posh Hollywood watering hole. You can bet Rob was holding court in the bar.

“Embarrassingly I didn’t actually go to the premiere,” Rob confessed, laughing. Instead, he just wanted to put in an appearance at the after-party.

The scene was a madhouse of security and paparazzi and became utterly chaotic when the door slammed shut on Rob and “Raising Hope” star Shannon Woodward. After some confusion, Rob was finally able to get on.

He insisted that he has since seen the film. “I have seen that film though,” he said, “I really liked it.”

When asked if he thought Perry should go to the “Breaking Dawn,” premiere next month, he was all for it. “Yeah maybe. Yeah! She should come to it!” he laughed.

Perry was briefly rumored to be interested in Rob after his breakup with Stewart. He missed her 28th birthday party over the weekend, but Kristen was spotted there, so they are apparently all still good friends. Katy dressed as a vampire! Wonder what she meant by that?

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