Taylor Swift Says She'll Never Strip, Only She Already Has (watch!) 1Taylor Swift has proved that a pop singer doesn’t have to strip to sell records, and says she no plans to take off her clothes because it would detract from her music. But… she already has.

Swift is every bit as sexy as the next pop star, but outside of wearing a gown with a plunging neckline or a big slit skirt, she pretty much keeps covered up in age-appropriate clothes.

And, she swears she’ll keep it that way for the sake of her music. “I don’t really take my clothes off because I don’t think I can pull it off,” she told UK tabloid The Sun.

Taylor Swift Romps in Sexy Bikini

Taylor Swift Says She'll Never Strip, Only She Already Has (watch!) 2Taylor Swift Says She'll Never Strip, Only She Already Has (watch!) 3Taylor Swift Says She'll Never Strip, Only She Already Has (watch!) 4

“Also, most people are only going to focus on one or two things about you — I want that to be that I write my own songs, not that I have great abs,” she added.

Swift’s closet undoubtedly includes lots of flowery sundresses and high-waisted bathing suits, but back in 2009, she released a video of her and some companions frolicking on a lakeside beach.

She’d just come off a banner year in her career and splashed around in the water with friends, went jet-skiing and was doused by a waterfall, according what appears to be a home video. Taylor led her intrepid friends up to the waterfall and then went swimming in her skimpy bikini.

Swift was named one of Maxim’s sexiest women of 2008, although she didn’t go out of her way to be photographed in overtly sexy photos. But she is dynamite in a bikini.

Swift was also caught up in a nude photo scandal in October a year ago. A self-taken camera-phone image of a woman topless went viral.

The photo looked like her, but her reps insisted that it was a look-a-like and not Swift.

At the time, Swift said she did not have a boyfriend and had spent much of the year on tour. However, in Feb. 2011, she was briefly rumored to be seeing “Glee’s” Chord Overstreet.

Check her out in the video below and the photos above. And click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Taylor Swift updates.

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