Taylor Swift turned crotchy David Letterman into butter last night after he begged her to write “one of those songs” about him. But she made him promise not to write her nasty emails or talk about her, afterward. Does this mean their dating?

Swift, 22, appeared on the “David Letterman Show” to promote her new album Red, which shot to the top of the charts when it was released on Monday (Oct. 22).

She also told Dave about her infamous auto accidents. She had two in one day while she was being interviewed for a magazine article. Her mistake, she said, was inviting the writer to ride along with her and driving to a nearby restaurant.

Taylor Swift Dazzles on David Letterman

“I learned this, not from journalists, but real estate agents. Always drive in separate cars. You never want to be stuck with them any longer than you have to be,” said Dave.

Swift backed into a car owned by the bass player in her band as she was leaving the parking lot. But it was just a fender bender and everybody was chill. The second occurred as she was leaving the restaurant.

“Whoa, all of a sudden this car that was, like, made out of bits of five other cars. We we’re not in a good part of town,” she explained. The car slammed into hers. The writer put the accidents in his article, but “he was delicate about it,” she added.

In a separate segment, Dave begged the singer/songwriter to put him in one of her songs. “If you could include me somehow in a song like that, it would be great,” Dave said.

“I appreciate you wanting this to happen because you’d be surprised at the angry emails I get sometimes,” Taylor cautioned.

Check out her interview below and her performance. And, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Taylor Swift updates.

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