Michelle Obama Shows Jimmy Kimmel Plan to Get Out Vote (watch!) 1First Lady Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live last night (Oct. 26) and appeared in a hilarious skit to help get out the vote. She turned up in Kimmel’s bedroom to help get him off to the polls.

President Obama and Michelle are the first presidential couple to make full use of late night television to raise their profile and help his reelection efforts.

Obama was the first sitting president to appear on NBC’s “Tonight Show,” in the history of the program, which goes back to the Eisenhower administration in 1954.

Obama made his fifth appearance on the show Wednesday night (Oct. 24) and his third since taking office.

Michelle was talking about the need to get out and vote when Jimmy asked “What if I forget to vote?” he asked.

“If you forget… well, I have a plan for that,” Michelle replied. “A good plan.”

The next scene shows the sun coming up over Jimmy’s house on election day, Nov. 6.

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