See! She's Not (Too) Crazy; Britney Spears Does Leno (watch!) 1Britney Spears looked great on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and proved she still had her own hair after a magazine featured her on the cover looking like she was wearing a thick, ill-fitting blonde wig.

As good as Spears, 30, looked, she still seemed to be tightly wound on the show. She appeared with X-Factor boss Simon Cowell.

Cowell looked like he was wearing a halloween mask of himself. He face look puffy and gruesome from what appeared to be loads of botox. The Brit’s upper life was truly stiff. It never moved as he talked.

Britney Spears Blonde-glamorous on Leno

See! She's Not (Too) Crazy; Britney Spears Does Leno (watch!) 2See! She's Not (Too) Crazy; Britney Spears Does Leno (watch!) 3See! She's Not (Too) Crazy; Britney Spears Does Leno (watch!) 4

Spears appearance on the cover of Lucky magazine’s November issue touched off speculation that she had massacred her hair again. During her breakdown in 2007 Spears shaved off all of her hair. According to her ex-manager the move was calculated.

Spears was trying to prevent her hair from being used to test whether she had been using drugs, lawyer Joseph Schleimer said in opening arguments in ex-manager Sam Lutfi’s libel case against Spears’ parents and conservatorship.

The magazine apologized for the photo, which apparently was due to overzealous digital editing. it did not say Spears was wearing a wig.

Spears’ hair looked normal on the show. She and Cowell appeared to promote the music talent show, which premieres Nov. 1.

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