Stephen Stills on Mitt Romney: He's a Churlish Little Prick  1Iconic singer Stephen Stills does more to put the presidential campaign into perspective than any political pundit on the endless cable news network talk shows. Republican candidate Mitt Romney, he says, “a churlish little prick.”

Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney has been inside the bubble all his life. He has no idea what’s going on here,” Stills writes in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

“Right now, the Dow is at 13,000. It was below 8,000 when the president took office. Job growth is rising. Unemployment is dropping. We desperately need to stay the course with this president,” he adds.

The Republicans act like the economy collapsed on the day Obama took office, he writes. “When was Black Friday? When did the Dow drop 800 points? When was the big heist when all the bank stimulus money was given out with no accountability?”

“Many people don’t understand the obstacles the Republican party has put in the way of President Obama. From day one, they’ve refused to let him govern. What is the value of the perpetual filibuster? You don’t get anything done at all,” he adds.

“With only a few days left, there is very little opportunity for nuance, so I will just tell you from my gut.

I never in my lifetime thought I would see a creepier politician than Richard Nixon, but in the last few days, it became clear that Willard Mitt Romney is really, really creepy. Icky creepy, as my granddaughter would put it,” he says.

He characterizes Romney as “raw ambition with no real ideology.”

“Look, Mitt Romney has never governed. He’s been running for president forever. He was the chief executive of Massachusetts, and he left them with a huge deficit. All he’s done is predatory venture capitalism. That’s it. He doesn’t know how to make jobs. He knows how to get rid of jobs,” he says.

He also slams Fox News, “a propaganda machine invented by Rupert Murdoch for the agenda of loosening up everything for the one percent.”

“Romney stands for all the policies that got us into this mess. It’s imperative that Obama gets re-elected, and I’m going to do everything I can between now and the election to make sure that happens,” he says.

For more of his screed, check out Rolling Stone here.

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