Charlie Sheen Relapse; Hookers, Hooch, Crack Cocaine Alleged 1Charlie Sheen kicked the tiger’s blood and tirades, but is back to his addiction for hookers, booze and drugs, according to a new report. He’s allegedly cooking his own crack and hiring $25,000 a night call girls.

The allegations include almost superhuman drug abuse, involving as much as an ounce of cocaine a day, which he is cutting and cooking down himself into crack, which creates a sharper, albeit shorter high.

“For at least the last eight months or so Charlie has been having a quarter to half an ounce of cocaine delivered to him every single day and was spending nearly $2,000 a day on drugs,” an “associate” of the actor told gossip site radaronline.

“Sometimes he’d even get two to three quarters of cocaine in one day,” the source claims.

If the degree of drug use is true that would put the 47-year-old actor on a collision course with an overdose or cardiac arrest. Crack is more dangerous and addictive drug than powdered cocaine, according to medical references. Excessive use can trigger a fast or irregular heartbeat.

“When Charlie gets his coke he immediately cooks it with baking soda in his bathroom to make crack,” the source claims. “Then he smokes it out of a makeshift pipe that he made out of a Fiji water bottle. He’d get so high he was just absolutely out of his mind, mumbling incoherently and tweaking.”

Tweaking is drug slang for a state where a user is so strung out they become paranoid and violence prone.

Sheen infamously flipped out last year in a nasty public dispute with Chuck Lorre, the co-creator of Sheen’s hit show “Two and a Half Men.”

In an interview earlier this year with Playboy magazine, Sheen expressed embarrassment at some of the ridiculous and cruel things he said.

“I was in total denial. It wasn’t that bleak in my head. I felt I was winning by finally being able to speak my mind. I felt that was some sort of victory. And then it was fueled by the insane public outpouring of support,” he explained.

Lorre told TV Guide in December a year ago Sheen’s heavy drug use resulted in violence and blackouts on the set. “You can’t do that much cocaine and work,” he explained. “I didn’t want to be writing a sitcom while my friend died. Or worse, hurt someone else. We couldn’t be complacent.”