Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seemed breezy and at ease with each other as they sat side-by-side during their extended “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” interview on MTV News. There was no hint that Kristen’s cheating scandal drove them apart for several weeks over the summer.

The interview, widely touted on the music network, involved no heavy lifting for the “Twilight” duo who also appeared with Taylor Lautner.

Taylor no doubt helped defuse some of the tension that might still exist between Rob and Kristen.

Rob, Kristen, Taylor Behind the Scenes at MTV

Her embarrassing affair with 42-year-old married man Rupert Sanders, who directed “Snow White and the Huntsman” exploded in a tabloid magazine in July.

Stewart sat between Rob and Taylor, wearing a black and blue top and black jeans while Pattinson wore a dark green blazer and shirt.

Obviously, they had nothing to fear from the interview. The affair was never mentioned. Instead, host Josh Horowitz lobbed softball questions, most of which the “Twilight” trio have heard before on their numerous promotional tours for the “Twilight” films.

The interview still had some significance, however, because it was the first time that Rob and Kristen had sat down together in public since the affair. Many fans question whether the rekindled romance is real or being staged to help promote the movie, which hits theaters Nov. 16.

MTV News Interview Highlights

They had to watch for signs from body language for any clue to that question. But there weren’t many.

The toughest question they faced was over their choice of Halloween costumes. They were spotted in public wearing transparent plastic masks that did a good job concealing their identities. Kristen also wore a pink wig and sunglasses.

“Oh yes, it looks awesome,” she said of her pink wig getup. “That’s not fair. That’s actually a really weird [photo].”

“That’s not me,” Rob claimed “I chose someone who is just genuinely terrifying. It was a $3 mask from a 7-Eleven.”

Stewart said the pink wig was a bow to the movie “Closer,” which ironically is about infidelity. Star Natalie Portman wore a similar wig.

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