Selena Gomez is all about mood lighting and a sexy wet look to promote her new fragrance. The teen singer ramped up the sexuality in a purple strapless gown with her tousled wet hair flowing down her arched back.

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The Maria Lucia Hohan dress accentuates her curves, and her full lips and heavy eye makeup look totally seductive.

“The water is actually lit from underneath, so it made it look pink and purple, like the colors of the bottle,” Gomez told People. “I wanted it to look like I was swimming in my fragrance.”

Check out Selena’s photos;
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She shot the first round of photos for her advertising campaign at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood, Calif.

Selena stood in a tank of waist deep water that was back-lit with pink and purple lighting to cast a cool glow on her glistening skin. One of the photos is used in the new ad.

Gomez’s boyfriend Justin Bieber also released a scent last year the turned out to be one of the top selling perfumes of 2011. Called “Someday,” it was named “Fragrance of the Year” by fashion bible, Women’s Wear Daily.

Selena appealed to her fans last December for help naming and creating the new fragrance.

The 19-year-old explained how the various “notes” or scents were combined to create the fragrance. Fans chose raspberry, chocolate and vanilla.

“I wanted it to look like I was swimming in my fragrance,” she said. The scent will start hitting stores by mid-May.

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