Songstress Lana del Rey channels a mid-twentieth century aesthetic, forever aloof, forever alluring, in a dreamy new photo spread for Spanish weekly S Moda.

Shot in Barcelona from the balcony of a steel and glass highrise, Lana plays vixen in designs by Balmain, Salvatore Ferragamo, Isabel Marant

Photographer Simon Emmett, captured her distinctive look, yet she would never describe herself as a fashionista.

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“Mine is not so much a relationship with fashion as a relation to visual culture,” she tells the magazine, according to a rough translation of the article.

Del Rey says she left home at 14 to go to boarding school because she got into some trouble Then, she headed to New York, but increasingly finds herself spending more and more time in Los Angeles. She’s looking for a home in Hollywood.

“Look, ‘Video Games’ is just one day in my life. People say that a song is anti-feminist. and I think, ‘why?’ At day’s end I just wanted to stay home with my boyfriend and playing video games,” she said of the YouTube song that launched her career.

She’s been described as an anti-feminist, and she says the term bothers her. “Perhaps there is indeed some truth to it,” she explain.

“I am a tough girl and I like a man who is strong in every way. I do many things, work hard and control everything. So in the end I want someone to help me feel delicate and sexy again.”

She’s also been accused of being “manufactured,” which also irks her. “There’s nothing more authentic than me,” she protests.

“Everything I did, I did it alone. I wrote the songs, I edited the videos. And about my name, I started [with] my real name, but on stage I always acted with a different one. Everyone does it,” she says.

The 25-year-old singer just released her “Blue Jeans” Remix EP on iTunes. The EP features five different remixes of Lana’s hit song, including the Smims & Belle remix that features “212” rapper Azealia Banks.

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