Justin Bieber Makes Mother of All Viral Videos (Watch!) 1When Ryan Seacrest’s YouTube channel hit 100 million views, he turned to the king of viral Justin Bieber. They decided to make the mother of all viral videos, using every trick in the book

Justin, of course, became famous after YouTube videos of his performances from his bedroom pulled in millions of views and caught the attention of his manager, Scooter Braun and R&B crooner Usher.

The rest, of course, is history.

The hilarious new video opens with Justin sitting in the green room of Seacrest’s radio show. Ryan thanks him for coming on, and Bieber gives him a shout out for his video success.

Then it dawns on him. “You got 100 million views on YouTube? Bro, that’s amazing. (Justin is big with the ‘bro.’) You should figure out a special way to push it over 100 million,” he adds.

Ryan suggests putting the Biebs in a video. “Sure,” he says. “But you’re going to need something else.”

Like puppies… and babies… crazy dancing (see Kate Upton) and more.

It’s a hilarious send up. Check it out below, and send this video to the moon.