Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens heat up Interview magazine in a feature on their upcoming girls gone wild movie “Spring Breakers.” It was a non-stop bikini party for the former Disney sweethearts.

The film, which also stars Ashley Benson, could be a real coming of age picture in more ways than one. Selena wants to transition from Disney to the ranks of leading Hollywood actresses.

Probably the most straight-laced of stars in the movie, the former Disney star learned the ropes fast during filming.

Check out the photos; click to enlarge.

She’s been pictured downing alcohol and dancing in public half naked. She even gets arrested, just like another Disney queen, Lindsay Lohan, in real life.

Selena Gomez Gets the Party Started

Selena, 19, even posted a photo on Twitter of herself and co-star Ashley Benson. They were posing on a police car from the movie. “Lol I’m so lame. Having way too much fun getting arrested,” she Tweeted.

Gomez has shown more flesh in the movie than even her racy South American concert tour. She’s been photographed in tiny bikinis and short shorts. The extras are even hotter, and some in the movie went topless.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens Non-Stop Bikinis

“There’s a bit of craziness inside of me as well, so I’m excited to let loose,” said Hudgens, who plays the lead character, Candy.

“She’s a crazy party girl. She’s the one I feel kind of gets everyone going and pushes everyone a little bit. It’s all done in the craziest manic way,” she told E! News.

Check out these stills from the movie.