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Chloe Moretz Channels Brigitte Bardot in Flaunt (photos!)

Chloe Moretz Channels Brigitte Bardot in Flaunt (photos!) 7

Chloe Moretz, the most oversexed 15-year-old in Hollywood, channels Brigitte Bardot in a stunningly sexual photo shoot for Flaunt magazine.

The blonde starlet, who is a film industry veteran despite her young age, wears clothes by Marni, Rodarte and Maison Martin Margiela–just what you’d expect to find in a high schooler’s closet.

Check out Chloe’s photos;
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Photographer Yu Tsai shot Chloe in a warehouse setting, with styling by Lisa Michelle Boyd for the magazine’s spring issue. Flaunt is published 10 times a year and dedicated to arts, music, film and fashion.

The photo spread and article are entitled “The Professional.” Moretz easily fits the definition.

She began acting at seven in films such as “The Amityville Horror,” “(500) Days of Summer,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” and “Big Momma’s House 2.” And that was before her big breakout role at 12 in the 2010 film “Kick Ass.”

Her character, “Hit Girl,” was jarring and controversial, not only for the level of violence the part called for, but also for Moretz’s cursing and use of the word c*nt.

She most recently starred in “Let Me In” and “Hugo.” Both films were critically acclaimed.

In an accompanying video, Moretz says her big dream is to get into Columbia University. She’ll have plenty to keep her busy until then. She’s slated to star in five upcoming films.

The newest films are “Hick,” an adaptation of the novel by Andrea Portes, and “Dark Shadows,” the Tim Burton remake of the television series with Johnny Depp.

What ever happened to child labor laws? Check out her photos and her video.