Jermaine Paul Wins 'The Voice' Isn't He Already a Pro? 1Jermaine Paul, a backup singer for R&B diva Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige, was crowned the winner of NBC’s talent competition “The Voice,” giving Team Blake bragging rights in the season-long competition.

Paul was the frontrunner for most of the season, which raises two questions: Isn’t he a professional singer already? And should television competitions like these be open only to amateurs?

Paul’s professional background was evident throughout. By the same token, Tony Lucca is a former Disney Mouseketeer, the same background as judge Christina Aguilera. What was he doing on a show like this?

Lucca finished third in the competition, while Aguilera’s contestant Chris Mann came in fourth. Cee Lo Green’s contestant, Juliet Simms, came in second.

Given the backgrounds of the singers, the show seems to lose some credibility and purpose, especially compared with “American Idol,” which focuses on amateurs looking for their shot at fame.

There’s no question Paul is talented. After all, he’s worked as a professional. “He’s figuring out what he wants to do, and he can do anything,” said Blake Shelton, who mentored the singer on the show.

Paul was humble in victory. “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that voted for me. God bless y’all, man. Nobody but Jesus, man, nobody!”

Lady Antebellum performed their song “You Wanted More” and Justin Bieber made a special appearance to perform his new single, “Boyfriend” for the first time live.

Check out the finale below.