Robert Pattinson will leave his squeaky clean “Twilight” image behind when his new movie “Cosmopolis” debuts at the Cannes Film Festival, and new photos in French magazine Cine Premiere show just how racy he’ll get. A new trailer also debuted in Canada!

Rob has been trying to distance himself from the “Twilight” movies now that the last in the series, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” is set to appear in November. Rob wants more bad guy roles and he got one in his new film.

Check out Rob’s photos; click to enlarge.

“Cosmopolis,” directed by David Cronenberg, charts a surreal day in the life of Wall Street financier Eric Packer. He sets out in his limousine to get a morning haircut.

Although the movie takes place over 24 hours, Packer takes a bizarre journey involving a presidential motorcade, anti-globalization demonstrations and a celebrity funeral and several erotic encounters.

The new trailer, which aired last night (May 8) on Canadian television, is far more sedate than previous releases. It shows Rob with co-star Sarah Gadon having a quiet conversation in the back of a cab.

The scene opens as Packer looks out the window of his limo and spots Gadon who plays Packer’s wife of 22 days Elise Shifrin in a cab. He jumps out and gets in the cab. They have a weird conversation about taxi drivers.

“They come from horror and despair,” says the money mogul.

The Premiere photos play off the movie’s sexy subject matter. Rob is picture in twos in bed with a woman and sitting on a couch. Ah, the French!

Check out the new video below and the photos above.