Rihanna claims she was hospitalized after being stricken with a bad case of the flu the week of her “Saturday Night Live” appearance in New York. But some reports claim she is out of control and friends are urging her to go to rehab.

“[Expletive] bein sick!” the 24-year-old singer Tweeted on Sunday, followed by a photo showing an IV in her arm. It’s the second time she has posted an IV photo.

“She had a fever and flu since last week and needed an IV, but is fine now,” a source told People.

Rihanna tweeted this photo of her IV drip.

Those close to the Umbrella star are claiming, however, that she is “spiralling out of control,” according to separate report in often unreliable Star magazine. “Rihanna loves to party but this past month she’s gotten really out of control,” the source said.

“She’s been drinking almost everyday and talking about smoking weed a lot too. Everyone is telling her to slow down and think about therapy, or even rehab.”

While on a grueling tour in Europe last year, Rihanna was briefly hospitalized for what was also termed “exhaustion” and “dehydration.” But UK press reports said the Barbadian singer had been partying round the clock on top of performing on stage.

“She’s actually a very lonely girl, she gets fed up with sitting in her hotel room, so she goes out drinking,” the Star source claims.

Hopefully, Rihanna is feeling better. But she still looks as hot as ever. Check out her new photo shoot with Terry Anderson.

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