Jon Stewart Explains Fox News Gay Marriage Reaction (watch!) 1Jon Stewart has a clear perspective on the gay marriage debate. He explained it on his show last night so anyone can get it. What he can’t get is the reaction at Fox News.

Stewart noted the momentousness of President Obama’s support for gay marriage.

“It’s a great day when the President of the United States says on national television gay people should no longer be relegated to planning other people’s weddings,” he said.

Conservatives apparently know this is one issue they can’t win, so why fan the flames, only to boost Obama even further? Stewart was shocked when he tuned into Fox News and found their mad dog pundits unusually quiet.

Previously, screamers like Bill O’Reilly were warning that gay marriage would open the door to all manner of abominations, like a man marrying five wives or even a turtle. WTF!!

But no more. Instead, they tried to portray Obama’s support for gay unions as simple political grandstanding.

“And, this is how far we’ve come as a nation. In five years the prime talking point from Republicans about people who support gay marriage has gong from ‘It will destroy society via turtle f*cking,’ to, ‘Oh, of course, you’re for it. You’ll say anything popular to get re-elected.’ That is progress.”

Actually, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News and controls what his minions parrot, has likely ordered them to lay low on the president, hoping the administration goes easy on his company in its burgeoning phone hacking scandal. Just a theory.

Check out Stewart’s hilarious report below in two parts: