Kris Humphries believes he was set up, just to be knocked down on Kim Kardashian’s New York reality show, “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.” And he has evidence to prove it, according to reports.

In the newest development in the couple’s divorce case, the NBA basketball player claims he has evidence one of the show’s most damaging scenes was staged to make him look insensitive and homophobic.

Kim enlisted her best friend and sycophant Jonathan Cheban, a Hollywood hanger-on, as part of the plot, according to gossip site radaronline.

In the scene, Humphries questions Cheban’s sexuality and asks whether he’s gay. Cheban played the scene to the hilt, feigning indignation, accusing Humphries of homophobia and even threatening a lawsuit. What cheese Cheban!

In reality, the show’s producers asked Humphries in an email to stage the scene, a source told the site.

“Kris has written proof that he was instructed to ask Jonathan the very personal questions … It’s Kris’ contention that this only further provides proof that this relationship was far from real; he was set up by producers to ask the question, then made to look bad,” the source said.

“The entire scenario was staged, it was methodically planned out, just like the rest of their time together it seems,” the source said.

Evidence has already surfaced that Kim staged another key scene where she raises concerns about her marriage in a heart-to-heart talk with her mother.

The scene was represented as taking place in Dubai in October. But evidence suggests the scene was actually shot in December in a Los Angeles sound stage. It was used to back-fill the reality show’s plot line to make Kim look more sympathetic.

Kim and Kris are scheduled to give depositions in the case in June. Although depositions are a precursor to a trial and usually held behind closed doors, Kris wants them videotaped.