John Travolta Wins Gay Sex Case Even If He Loses in Court 1John Travolta has won his sex case against John Doe No. 2, even if he ultimately loses before a judge. All parties have agreed to resolve the matter behind closed doors, and the details will remain private.

The move suggests that the Atlanta-based masseur who filed a civil suit charging the actor with sexual assault has a case, or at least enough credible details to damage what’s left of Travolta’s reputation.

Since the charges became public, the 58-year-old actor has thrown up a smoke screen through attorney Martin Singer, who has heatedly denied the allegations and threatened to sue those making the charges.

The threat obviously didn’t pan out. The Atlanta masseur reportedly has substantial evidence, including emails and witnesses. What’s more the hotel management is backing him, meaning they haven’t been intimidated by the actor.

That left Singer little choice but to go with a fall back position. At least this way he can keep the sordid details private with a confidentiality agreement. Although, the damage has been done, Travolta will still have a thin veil of deniability.

“Marty Singer, and Okorie Okorocha have spoken and both are working on the ground rules for the evidence and procedure about how the mediation will proceed, and that process could take one to two months,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline

Okorocha said Friday he dropped the first masseur who filed suit against Travolta after it was proved that he gave the wrong date of the alleged attack. The actor was in New York at the time. The case, however, is still active.