Britney Spears, Demi Lovato; Let X-Factor Meltdowns Begin 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Britney Spears looks like she’s on the verge of another nervous breakdown judging by the length (no pun intended, well maybe) she’s gone to chew off her fingers. Just wait until she gets in front of belligerent contestants on her new X-Factor gig.

Simon Cowell is looking for drama and ratings and knows how to get them. He hires the two of the biggest head cases in entertainment. No telling what they might do, or say. And that’s the trick.

Either way, Simon wins. People will tune in to his flagging “X-Factor” in eager anticipation of a train wreck. Any train wreck.

Lovato is so wired she gave Shorty Welch, one of her backup dancers, a black eye, just on the mere suspicion that Welch had ratted her out about late-night partying during a tour in South America.

That earned Lovato a trip to rehab for anger management issues and God knows what else. Afterward, she confessed that she’s bi-polar. Let’s hope one of those downward mood swings happens on stage, and she punches out a contestant. Won’t that be a riot?

And, poor Britney. What happened back in 2008 when she freaked out, shaved her head, flashed her cooter repeatedly in public and got married in Vegas for 50 hours? She must have dropped some really bad acid.

One thing is certain, she’s hasn’t been the same since. Her last tour may have been a huge success but she looked totally robotic throughout.

Anyone who chews their fingernails until they bleed isn’t all there. Plus, what kind of person is still too unsteady to manage their own affairs by the time their 30 years old?

You can tell she’s still on a short leash. Her conservator/dad Jaime and former manager, and now fellow conservator, Jason Trawick were close at hand.

If they were true conservators, they would just let her retire and watch her kids grow up. She certainly doesn’t need the money. But they want to squeeze every penny out of her.

Simon is dropping a bundle for her services–$15 million, according to reports–but that’s small change compared to the bonanza he’ll reap if he can turn the ratings slide around.

If she becomes a mental case, again, so what? There’s always rehab.

So let the meltdowns begin. For more photos, check out INFDaily.