Jennifer Aniston's Ghastly Smartwater Photoshop Fail 1

Jennifer Aniston looks ghastly in a new advertising campaign for Glacéau smartwater. The photos have been digitally altered so much, Jen looks like she’s made of wax.

In one image, the 43-year-old actress is sitting in a racy convertible, looking over her shoulder, with her blouse unbuttoned provocatively.

But her skin tone looks unnatural and there is not a line, crease or mark on her face, or body. It looks so unnatural, she might as well have been embalmed.

Check out Jen’s photos; click to enlarge.

Jennifer Aniston's Ghastly Smartwater Photoshop Fail 2Jennifer Aniston's Ghastly Smartwater Photoshop Fail 3

In a second photo, she looks slightly more natural, but the airbrushing and photo retouching are still obvious and unnatural. She’s smiling broadly, but all of the lines on her face have been removed.

Both photos are in black and white, with only the smartwater bottle’s blue label in color.

Aniston has been fronting for the brand since 2010. Although age is creeping up on her, Jen still has a natural beauty and healthy glow.

But it’s hard to see how these photos do her justice. Check them out above.