Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless for Viddy; Sexy or Creepy? (watch!) 1Justin Bieber has joined with a new video service and is promoting it to his followers by taking off his shirt and showing off his thin frame. Is this sexy or creepy?

The LA-based startup company, known as Viddy, is already off to a running start. It claims to have more than 27 million followers.

The services allows users to upload short videos to share with friends. It also provides editing tools to digitally enhance clips.

A number of celebrities us their Twitter accounts to promote products for pay, often without telling their followers. Justin has more than 22 million fans on Twitter, and he sent them a message about the product.

“Photoshoot this morning… now off to day two of rehearsals for billboard. come get me on viddy,” Justin tweeted. It’s unknown how much the teen idol is being paid to promote the product, but he should at least tell his fans he’s being paid to promote.

The video shows Justin posing for a photographer wearing sweatpants with exposed black and red underpants. At 18, he’s still lanky without much of a body, but there’s definitely not much body fat.

Check out the video below: