Rihanna's Sexy, Vulnerable in New UK Esquire (photos!) 1Rihanna’s sexuality is one part vulnerability and two parts sheer hotness in new photos for the upcoming issue of Esquire’s UK edition. The magazine released a sneak peek of the photo spread today and it sizzles.

In the photos, Rihanna is topless, although she covers up her breasts with her arms. Still, she exudes a kind of sexuality that is alluring.

Photographed by Melissa Forde, Rihanna wears a just a pair of jeans in one shot and jeans with a fez hat in another.

Check out RiRi’s photos;
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Rihanna's Sexy, Vulnerable in New UK Esquire (photos!) 2Rihanna's Sexy, Vulnerable in New UK Esquire (photos!) 3Rihanna's Sexy, Vulnerable in New UK Esquire (photos!) 4Rihanna's Sexy, Vulnerable in New UK Esquire (photos!) 5

In two more photos she wears a sweater and bra and panties with a leather halter.

The images were captured in February at a studio in Dalston, East London. The only downside is that Rihanna has since changed her look. She no longer has dyed blonde hair. She’s gone back to a natural black color.

Rihanna has often said she has a dominant personality, but likes to be submissive in the bedroom. She also says she’s been pining for a new boyfriend.

Earlier this month, she was spotted at Veranda, a nightclub in New York City, with New York Knicks star J.R. Smith. Witnesses say they were kissing and flirty. “She was sitting on his lap and was really into him,” a source told InTouch Weekly.

Check out her latest photos above.