Miley Cyrus flashes her bare breasts during an outing in Florida Wednesday revealing a nipple slip for the first time. Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later. Miley is expressing more sexual freedom than ever now that she’s over 18.

Miley has been caught in all manner of semi-undress as a minor during her career as Hannah Montana for the Disney channel. Turning 18 has only made her more daring than ever when she goes out in public.

The Laughing Out Loud star has said in the past she likes nothing better than not wearing a bra. She was true to her word on a walk with her new pooch. She was wearing a knitted skirt and a loose fitting blue shirt that was unbuttoned a few buttons.

When she bent over to pick up her pooch, she briefly exposed her breast. Miley probably isn’t batting an eye of the exposure.

In April, paparazzi got the dream shot they’ve been waiting for ever since she became legal. She was captured on film in a full-on flash of her crotch while wearing a short dress and no underpants. She was leaving a pilates class in Los Angeles.

So the nipple slip might be a little anti-climatic. But now that it’s over and done with, the world can move on to more important things. Like when is she going to do her first topless scene in a movie.