Mick Jagger Opens SNL Makes Fun of Himself, the Band (watch) 1Mick Jagger made it his night on “Saturday Night Live,” even though it was actually Kristen Wiig’s night… her last night that is. Wiig is leaving the show and the Rolling Stone gave her a royal sendoff.

Mick also acted like his appearance was a one-shot deal. He was in almost every skit and even sang with musical guest Arcade Fire., Jeff Beck and The Foo Fighters.

Mick wore a black shirt and black jeans with a gold silk jacket for his opening monologue. “You’re about to see me do what I do best,” he said. “Stand still and talk.”

During his travels, Mick said he’s constantly asked the same questions. So he decided to use his monologue to answer all of the questions he’s been asked over the years. Call it Mick’s FAQs.

Obviously, he’s often asked who is his favorite Rolling Stone. “If I’m allowed to include myself, the obvious answer is me,” he said. But then, if I’m not allowed to pick myself, I have to say I don’t believe in playing favorites.”

Mick played a gay American actor and played Aerosmith frontman and American Idol judge Steven Tyler in a hilarious skit.

Jagger 68, was pretty smooth in his opening monologue; check it out below.