Robert Kennedy Jr., who was banned from a memorial service for his late estranged wife Mary Richardson Kennedy, is paying back her family by refusing to let their four children attend the Richardson family service for their mother.

Only one Richardson family member attended the Kennedy’s funeral service for the 52-year-old deceased woman in Massachusetts. She was buried at a church in Centerville, Mass., not far from the Kennedy’s fabled compound in Hyannisport.

The move followed a short, but heated court fight in which members of the Richardson family, led by her lawyer brother, tried to get a court order to take possession of Mary’s body. The feud between the two families over the way Robert Kennedy treated Mary is intense and bitter.

The celebration tonight (May 21) at Andre Balazs’ Standard Hotel in New York City will be a “celebration of Mary’s life, something very positive,” Karen Duffy, a friend and organizer told The New York Daily News. “We want it to reflect the incandescently generous and giving spirit of our friend Mary.”

But the Kennedy’s four children, Conor, 18, Kyra, 17, Finn, 15, and Aiden, 11, won’t be there. Robert is flying them down to Florida to stay in their grandmother’s beachfront home on Palm Beach, according to reports.

Mary, 52, was found hanged in a barn on the family estate an hour or so outside New York City. Her death by suicide came after Robert filed repeated motions in court in what was described as laying the ground work to take custody of the kids.

According to several reports, the funeral in Massachusetts was really for the Kennedys to put a gloss on the tragic affair, after the froze Mary out of the family following her separation in 2010. She had been close to the Kennedys since she was 16.

Robert delivered a self-serving eulogy in which he absolved himself of any blame for his wife’s death. Robert now has full custody of the children and was awarded the $4 million estate.

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