Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) went to the Hamptons, the tony New York City seaside playground, with one thing on her mind… revenge. She’ll have her chance to finally exact retribution in the series finale.

The series seemed to raise more questions that it answers. With the finale looming tomorrow night (May 23), it will be interesting to see how Emily solves her biggest problem, the rescue of Nolan (Gabriel Mann).

Nolan found out who the white-haired man is and was fearful that Emily would get hurt. He gave her the wrong address and went to the murderer’s house instead.

The computer geek thinks he’s protected Emily, but the white haired man breaks into his oceanfront mansion and kidnaps him. Now Emily must figure out how to rescue him.

Meanwhile, all is not well between Emily and Daniel Grayson. She thought he was a really good person and felt bad about using him to get close to the Graysons. But now she’s finding out he’s not the guy she thought he was.

Even though she truly loves Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler), she’ll marry Daniel to destroy the Graysons. So the big question is how will Emily get Nolan back, protect Jack and nail the white haired man and the Graysons.

Sadly, Sammy is gone. The adorable pooch played a key role getting Emily and Jack together. It looks like Emily will also have to deal with social-climbing Ashley. Also, will Victoria bring down Conrad and Grayson Global? And will Emily and Victoria work together?

Now that Conrad knows Charlotte is not his, what fate will befall her? And will she be a Thorne or a Grayson if she survives her suicide attempt?

Check out the teaser and watch which way the wind blows in the season finale.

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