Beyonce Talks Smack Teaching How to Play Pool (Watch) 1Beyonce exhibits plenty of confidence in a hilarious video shot nearly ten years ago. She talks smack about playing pool. The clip, which has gone viral on the Internet, is full of sass.

Beyonce was a twenty-something when the video was shot and has a tight body. She wears a tiny halter top and jeans. The video is titled “How to Play Pool.”

And, the first lesson is “Bey Confident.”

“I will not lose,” she says resolutely.

The next lesson is psych out your opponent… by talking smack.

“He’s not too good at nuthin’ so I can play him,” she says gesturing to her opponent.

After winning, Beyonce does a sexy little dance with her pool stick. The dance is all part of being a “gracious winner.”

“I whooped him. It does not matter boo, I whooped you,” she tells her opponent.

Beyonce, who is now 30, began dating rapper Jay-Z in 2002. They got married in 2008 in New York City and in January this year she gave birth to a daughter Blue Ivy.

Blue will get a kick out of this video some day. Check it out below.