Lea Michele Makes Shock Reveal on David Letterman (watch!) 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Glee hottie Lea Michele has the best of both worlds when it comes to tattoos. She has them, but you can’t see them unless she unveils all of her secret body spots. And, she’s got plenty.

Michelle, 25, appeared on The David Letterman Show last night (May 21) and talked about her family’s penchant for getting tattoos.

“I have 14,” Michele said. “But they’re all so little that you don’t see it. That’s why I’m done, though, because all my secret hidden spots are done. Like, my real estate is over.”

Dave seemed just as surprised as everyone else. “You have 14 secret spots?” he said incredulously. “That’s exciting.”

The Fox television star showed plenty of skin without a tattoo in sight, so it’s safe to assume her secret spots are well concealed.

“For me, it’s weirdly enough like a family activity,” she explained about her tattoo addiction. “I come from a very big family and tattoos are very popular. So it will be like Easter, and we’ll all be talking and it’s like ‘Let’s all get a tattoo!”

Lea “graduates” from McKinley High in the finale of “Glee.” Latin pop star Gloria Estefan will make a guest appearance as Santana’s mother.

The episode airs at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox following the final performance episode of “American Idol.”

In the meantime, check out Lea’s tattoo reveal on Letterman.