dicaprio-mulligan-greatgatsbyLeonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire are featured in the first look at the latest remake of “The Great Gatsby.” The new trailer highlights the lavish production as much as it does the film’s well known story line.

Film Director Baz Luhrmann, who crafted “Romeo + Juliet” with DiCaprio and the highly stylized “Moulin Rouge” with Nicole Kidman, has lavished the same colorful style on this picture. And it’s in 3-D!

DiCaprio looks intense in the trailer as Jay Gatsby and Mulligan looks the picture of Daisy Buchanan, the frail and seductive wife of loutish Tom Buchanan, played by Joel Edgerton. Luhrmann is out to capture the glamour as well as the squalor as depicted by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his book, first published in 1925.

Maguire playes Daisy’s cousin Nick Carraway, the Yale-educated writer who narrates the story. He meets Gatsby after renting a guest house for the summer next to his mansion. Isla Fisher plays Tom’s unstable mistress Myrtle Wilson.

The movie, shot in Australia, is due to be released on December 25.

Check out the clip below.