If Green Bay Packer star Donald Driver had freaked out in the endzone like he did after winning ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” he would have surely been penalized and probably even fined by the National Football League.

But Driver let loose on the show, screaming, throwing himself on the floor and wildly hugging pro partner Peta Murgatroyd.

Second Place finisher Katherine Jenkins, a Welsh opera singer, visibly upset for finishing second, was left standing with her mouth agape. And host Tom Bergeron, who’s seen it all, looked equally shocked.

The show’s finale was suspenseful to a point. It was the closest competition in, perhaps, since the show’s premiere in 2005. The caliber of dancing by the top finishers was also one of the highest in the show’s history.

Driver, however, wasn’t the best dancer. Jenkins probably earned that honor, despite her one flub last week. The third finalist, Latin hunk William Levy, who finished a surprised third was also probably better.

But Driver had the fan base. Green Bay Packer fans are tight-knit and threw their support behind him as did most NFL fans, which, of course, are legion. It’s no surprise that NFL players are over-represented among winners.

NFLers Hines Ward and Emmitt Smith, have also won the competition.

“It took me 13 years to win the Super Bowl,” Driver said. “I’m just glad it took me one season to win the mirrorball.”

It was a grueling competition, no doubt. But Driver could have shown just a little more class. What do you think? Watch below.