Selena Gomez Unspoken Victim in Justin Bieber Scuffle 1Selena Gomez is the unspoken victim in Justin Bieber’s scuffle with photographers. The two have been dating for more than a year and she’s had to weather his rude behavior more than once.

Selena, who is more reserved and considerate, has stuck by Justin every time he’s thrown a boyish tantrum.

But it seems like it’s only a matter of time before she gets fed up with his behavior. She is too sophisticated and mature to repeatedly be caught up in his misadventures, and it could start weighing on her image.

In the latest incident, Justin and Selena went to The Commons at Calabasas Shopping Center in Calabasas, Calif., to catch a movie. As they left, some photographers were outside waiting for them.

When one of the photographers allegedly refused to move so Justin could drive off in his car, the 18-year-old singer got out and started scuffling with the photographer.

Selena reportedly had to get out of the car and calm Justin down. Justin not only allegedly shoved the lensman, but in more rude behavior, flipped off the photographers after his blow up.

The paparazzo, of course, filed a police report charging Bieber with assault. Now he’s wanted for questioning by police. Undoubtedly, Selena will have to give a statement as well. Who needs that?

The paparazzi can be overbearing and intrusive, but it doesn’t justify immature behavior.

Update: Selena Gomez Wanted for Questioning by Police; Click for More.

What’s worse, even though police want to speak with him, Bieber blew them off, too. He flew to Oslo, Norway, to give what he said was a “secret concert.” WTF?

Bieber lost his cool with fans who were following him at the theme park last February. He gave two young girls the finger and yelled “fu*k you!” The fans were stunned. His rep later said the fans were harassing him.

During a London outing last November, he shocked fans waiting outside a restaurant when he acted surly and gave photographers the finger with each hand as he left the eatery, not once but twice.

In March a year ago, Justin and Selena were on a dinner-date to celebrate his 17th birthday in Los Angeles when he was surrounded by photographers leaving restaurant, Maggiano’s, which undoubtedly tipped his presence there.

As Bieber pulled away in his car, he held up his middle finger as photographers snapped away. Gomez looked horrified and held her hands over her face.

How long will she put up with this behavior?