Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron look more “Dark Shadows” than “Twilight” in a nightmarish, gothic, vampire-chic fashion spread in the new issue of Interview magazine.

The vampy shoot is part of a campaign to promote their latest project together “Snow White and the Huntsman.” But there’s nothing about Snow White in these photos… only darkness.

Check out the photos; click to enlarge.

In what could have been shot at a high-end Transylvania pick-up bar, Kristen 22, and Charlize, 36, channel the provocative, erotically charged look of a Helmut Newton photo. The images look like they were hand-tinted from black-and-whites.

Dark colors are layered on dark colors, except where both stars reveal shades of fleshtone. The photos also convey hints of homo-eroticism. In one, Kristen wears a black tuxedo and fingers a cigarette while Charlize plays the feminine role in a black dress.

The stars, however, focused on the here and now in their respective interviews with the magazine. Both stars were interviewed by film critic Elvis Mitchell.

Theron talked about her recent adoption of a child and her devotion to motherhood. “He’s great. I’ve been doing things myself in the sense that I haven’t had a night nurse or anything like that, so I’ve spent every night with him except for the nights that I’ve had to travel.”

“I’ve had to make two trips to New York and one really quick trip to London and Paris, but other than that, I’ve been with him every single night of his life and done every feed.”

Throughout Kristen’s interview, Robert Pattinson’s name does not come up. She is neither asked about him, nor does she volunteer anything about him.

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