Robert F. Kennedy Jr 'Nightmare' Marriage, Multiple Affairs Detailed 1Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reportedly described his 16-year marriage to the late Mary Richardson as a nightmare that included allegations she physically abused him. He also admitted to multiple affairs in sealed divorce records, according to a new report.

Mary Richardson, who reportedly struggled with depression for years, committed suicide by hanging herself in a barn on the couple’s $4 million estate in Westchester County, NY.

Richardson, who has known Robert Kennedy Jr. and the Kennedy family since she was 16, was reportedly obsessed with Kennedy’s romance with actress Cheryl Hines and was facing financial problems and the loss of custody over her four children.

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Her death also revealed a bitter feud between her her estranged husband and her family, who blamed the Kennedy heir for much of the mental torment that she suffered.

The latest revelations are contained in sealed court papers in the couple’s bitter divorce, according to The National Enquirer.

Bobby Jr. reportedly said in a sworn court filing that he suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of his wife, which he blamed for his multiple extramarital affairs, the newspaper reported, citing a “source” who has seen the documents.

Kennedy also revealed that Mary’s ultimate suicide was not her first attempt. He claimed that she tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills on several occasions.

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Whether Kennedy’s claims are true or not is unknown. Mary obviously is no longer around to defend herself. Her family puts much of the blame for her death on him, and his public image has taken a beating since the tragedy. This may be an effort to salvage his public reputation.

Kennedy, a former heroin addict, was also attempting to gain sole custody of the couple’s four children, and may have been piling on allegations in court filings in an effort to win a favorable ruling.

In court papers, he outlined what he called an “endless cycle of rage and violence” that began three years after they were married.

Kennedy stated in the divorce papers that by 2001, he had “lost hope” and confessed that he began “committing numerous infidelities to keep my sanity,” the source claims.

As Mary learned of them, her rage grew, and she allegedly called him a “a demon and a sex addict” in front of their kids.

Kennedy said he finally filed for divorce in May, 2010, although the marriage effectively ended a year earlier. During that time, “Mary did horrible things in an attempt to stop the split,” says the source.

One of the most disturbing incidents occurred May 26, 2011, when their son Aidan called his father, crying for him to come to their house, because Mary had run over the family dog, Porcia, in the driveway, the source says.

Oddly, Mary’s friends describe her as kind and gentle and as a person who would go out of her way to help someone. No response yet from her family.

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