Kristen Stewart's Snow White Defies Critics at Box Office 1

Say what you will about “Snow White and the Huntsman”– and critics have said a lot, mostly negative–the movie looks like it will post solid weekend box office numbers.

The film has pulled in just under $20 million so far, and could possibly take in as much as $50 million or more by Sunday. But the real test comes next weekend.

Starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Clafin, the film has been roughed up by critics, who are taking issue with Stewart’s acting and with the pace of the film.

It may have been asking too much for an actor of Kristen’s age and experience to carry the epic retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale, but her “Twilight” fan base could also be a wild card, helping the film’s ticket sales.

Going into the opening weekend, the film was riding a tidal wave of hype. Universal Pictures tried its best to undersell the film’s opening box office to make the opening weekend look better.

It’s been saying for weeks it expected only a $38 million to $42 million opening weekend in North America, according to

But next week and beyond word of mouth advertising will play a more significant role that critical reviews. Right now, 74 percent of those who have seen the picture said they liked it. Critics are less impressed; only 46 percent gave the film a thumbs up.

“Given the way the tracking has been, it was very difficult to project the scope of any opening for any film in the marketplace this season: good, bad, or indifferent,” an unnamed Universal suit told deadline.