Kristen Stewart’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” thumbed its nose at the critics and vaulted into first place in the weekend box office, with a little help from Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Clafin.

Although critics just couldn’t get their arms around the picture, the public loved it well enough to buy $56.3 million in tickets, ahead of studio Universal Pictures predictions.

Top Ten Box Office Films, Domestic

Movie Gross Screens Total Wks
1 Snow White $56.3M 3,773 1
2 MIB 3 $29.3M 4,248 $112.3M 2
3 Avengers $20.3M 3,670 $552.7M 5
4 Battleship $4.8M 3,144 $55M 3
5 The Dictator $4.7M 2,649 $50.8M 3
6 Marigold Hotel $4.6M 1,294 $25.5M 5
7 What to Expect $4.4M 2,907 $30.7M 3
8 Dark Shadows $3.9M 3,002 $71M 4
9 Chernobyl Diaries $3.0M 2,433 $14.4M 2
10 For Greater Glory $1.8M 757 $1.8M 1

Source: Box Office Mojo

What’s more the film pulled in just over $94 million globally, putting it on track to be a respectable earner, surpassing Universal’s two recent big-budget duds, “Battleship” and “The Five-Year Engagement.”

“Snow White” was not shown in 3-D or IMAX theaters, where tickets command a premium and was released about 3,700 theaters.

Sony’s “Men in Black 3” finished second with $29.3 million, its second weekend out. It screened in around 4,200 theaters and has now earned just over $110 million domestically.

Big-time hit “The Avengers” finished third affter five weeks in theaters with a $19.8 million and more than $540 million in box office receipts domestically since its debut.

The film’s overseas gross of $39.3 million this weekend, actually edges out Jennifer Lawrence’s “The Hunger Games.” It earned $38 million during its first weekend out. Both films topped Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1″ with Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It did $30 million, according to deadline.

The next big blockbuster is Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus.” The film is off to a “fantastic start” overseas and will open in North America next weekend. The scifi film topped Snow White in the UK where they opened head-to-head, the Web site reported.

“Snow White” left the majority of movie critics cold according to web site rottentomatoes, which tracks film reviews. But no doubt Stewart’s fans helped overcome their opinions.