Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson MTV Kiss King, Queen, Again! 1“Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have kept their on-screen chemistry at the boiling point. They won best-onscreen kiss at the MTV Movie Awards for the fourth year in a row. It was their only award.

They aced out Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2”), Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in “The Vow.”

The win was surprising in one respect. They also beat Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in “The Hunger Games”. Rob and Kristen were snubbed in every other category, and “The Hunger Games” steamrolled the competition without them.

Lawrence won for Best Female Performance and Hutcherson won best male performance, beating out Daniel Radcliffe, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

But “Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” was the surprise winner for Movie of the Year, topping “The Hunger Games.”

And, at least Rob and Kristen are still the reigning king and queen of onscreen heat. Unfortunately, Kristen was flying solo when it came time to accept the award. Rob is off promoting his latest film “Cosmopolis.”

Kristen did her best to ham it up.

“Where’s my Huntsman?,” she quizzed, looking for someone to fill Rob’s shoes for the ceremonial podium kiss.

“Charlize?” she called out. Hey, why not? But no luck.

Wait a minute… wasn’t there some guy who was also her “Twilight” love interest. What about him?

“Where’s Taylor?” said the newly minted vampire, hoping to put the bite on co-star Taylor Lautner.

She was cute while it lasted, but Kristen, who isn’t comfortable talking about her work, thanked the fans and scooted with her Golden Popcorn.