Daniel Radcliffe Snubs Queen During Her Diamond Jubilee 1Daniel Radcliffe will have no part of the Queen of England, thank you. He’s been the face of British acting for his decade-long run in the Harry Potter films. But politically, he’s an outsider.

Radcliffe revealed his anti-monarchist sentiment to composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The famous songwriter, who has worked with the young actor on Broadway, says he thought he had a good idea when he asked Dan to perform his new song, “Sing,” to honor Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee.

Weber co-wrote the upbeat tune with British pop star Gary Barlow. Webber says he and Barlow school the 10,000-member audience on the lyrics, so they could sing alon.

“We wanted a song that everybody could sing,” he says.

But Radcliffe deferred. He’s no fan of the monarchy and has talked about his feelings in the past.

Sadly, Lloyd Webber, who is a Lord in Britain, invited the Queen to his home and played the song for her. She reportedly loved it. Hopefully she isn’t looking forward to hearing it tonight (June 4), when the musical presentation takes place.

As for Radcliffe, off with his head! Oops, wrong Queen.