Robert Pattinson Talked Like Valley Girl in Bel Ami (Watch!) 1Robert Pattinson and Christina Ricci had some pretty intimate scenes in their movie “Bel Ami,” but Ricci says interaction between the two on the set involved a lot of teasing and kidding around.

Ricci, 32, was on Jimmy Kimmel last night (June 5) and talked at length about what it was like shooting the steamy period piece, set in 19th century Paris.

“You know he was a vampire,” said Kimmel.

“Yes, I’ve heard this about him,” Ricci replied.

Kimmel was fascinated by the that Ricci was doing a movie with an English accent with someone who actually has an English accent. “Do they know if something’s not right?” he asked.

“Yes, and sometimes they make fun of you,” she said nodding her head.

Rob! How could you! But the teasing wasn’t all one way.

“I also coached him because he spent a lot of time in L.A. I got to make fun of him because he’s actually British and sometimes would sound like a Valley girl.

“And he made fun of me because I was trying to be British and sometimes sounded like a Valley girl,” she added.

Rob also stars with Uma Thurman, Kristen Scott Thomas and Holliday Grainger.

“Bel Ami” premiered out of competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February. It will have a limited theatrical release on Jun 8 and then appear on pay-per-view. The DVD will be out Aug. 7.

Check out the interview below