Quentin Tarantino shows a lot of gun play and and a lot of attitude in the first trailer for his epic western “Django Unchained.” Leonardo DiCaprio plays the sleazy plantation owner and Jamie Foxx mixes it up as Django.

“Yes, the ‘D’ is silent,” the ex-slave says, downing a whiskey.

Tarantino pays homage to the Italian spaghetti westerns of the 1960s. But the film is nothing like the 1966 Italian western by the same name.

The good guys are easy to tell from the bad guys, if you can call a German bounty hunter a good guy. The role goes to Christoph Waltz, as Dr. King Schultz.

Jamie Fox gets all the action scenes as the trailer walks viewers through the movie’s premise. He’s a total bad ass.

Schultz captures Django because he can identify the notorious Brittle brothers, Django’s old owners. Both have big bounties on their heads, dead or alive.

Schultz promises to free the slave and help him get back his wife in exchange for his help. One problem; his wife is owned by DiCaprio’s plantation owner, Calvin Candie, a neer-do-well Rhett Butler type.

The 1966 Italian version of Django was one of the bloodiest films of the genre ever made. Tarantino may be out to break that record.

The Weinstein Co. film will hit theaters on Christmas Day. Check out the trailer below.

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