Kim Kardashian Diva Demands Crushing Kanye West 1Kim Kardashian is taking over rapper Kanye West’s life. She’s keeping him on a shorter and shorter leash, commandeering his staff as her personal servants and tearing through his money, according to a new report.

Those are among the latest reports leaking out of Kanye’s camp, since the 31-year-old reality TV personality moved in with Kanye.

Kim has a new rival in Beyonce, who refuses to associate with her even though husband Jay-Z and West are best friends. Beyonce reportedly refused to invite Kim to a blow out Watch the Throne Tour after-party in Paris attended by her celebrity friends.

Now Kim seems out to prove to Kanye and his friends that she doesn’t come cheaply.

According to the latest report, Kim is using Kanye’s security staff to shadow her on shopping trips and carry her shopping bags.

Meanwhile, Kim has told the household staff she wants fresh flowers everyday, at a cost of hundreds of dollars. And she will eat only fruit or veggies that are bought the same day, according to The National Enquirer.

“Kim has completely taken over Kanye’s household and is driving the staff crazy with her seemingly endless lists of tasks,” a source told tabloid.

“She’s setting the ground rules from the start,” said the source. “Kim wants a fresh start with Kanye. And these days, what Kim wants, Kim gets – even if it makes everyone around her crazy.”

Kanye, one of music’s must successful rap artists, obviously sees a payday somewhere in the relationship. But at this rate, the question becomes who’s zooming whom?